Terms of Use

Terms of Service for CSV Educação Digital Ltda – ME.

On CSV Educação Digital Ltda – ME we are always striving to provide the end user with a unique and innovative experience. To maintain this educative and fun service fair for all, though, we need to stablish some rules and restrictions. By using the website, you implicitly agree with all the Terms of Service detailed below. If you don't agree with these terms, partially or in full, you must cease the use of our services immediately.

Use of the website and external links

Under no circumstances are we to be held resposible for the use of our website or the use of links to external websites therein contained, nor for the actions practiced by users based on information acquired by said links. We take no responsibility for the content nor the privacy policies and practices of external websites linked from or to our website.

Property and Use Restriction

All softwares, information, content, materials and other elements are protected by copyright law, and all trademarks, services and commercial names contained or offered by this website are property of CSV Educação Digital Ltda – ME and its subsidiaries, affiliates, licensers and/or other respective owners, and are protected by copyright and trademark law.

Users from Brazil and other countries that may access this website will do it of their own accord and will be subjected to brazilian legislation for the eventual handling of any legal matters that may arise from the use of our website and its services, for it becomes established and accorded from the onset that this service follows the norms established by the Legislation of its country of origin, where it was envisioned and developed - Brazil. All photos, images, imprints and sounds featured in this website are protected under copyright law or other intellectual property laws. By accessing this website, the end user declares that they will respect all rights pertaining to said industrial or intellectual properties, originated by their trademarks, as such as all other rights related to third parties that may be, or have been, available in any manner on this website at any given moment. The act of accessing this website does not grant the end user any right to names, titles, words, phrases, images, brands, patents, among others, that are, or have once been, available on the website. All trademarks included in this website are property of CSV Educação Digital Ltda – ME or have been licensed or granted the right to their use in this website by their respective owners. The reproduction of all contents described previously is prohibited, except under written authorization, but under no circumstances such rights shall be given to the end user. Its use for commercial and marketing purposes, or any other use for which it has been conceived as described by this term is also prohibited. The end user claims all civil and criminal responsibility for the unauthorized utilization of the informations, texts, graphics, trademarks, works, and any and all intellectual or industrial property rights contained in this website.

User registration, password and security

For the user to enjoy the content and activities available on this website, they must first agree to the following terms::

Provide true, accurate, current and complete information regarding themselves on the registration form for access to this website; Conserve and immediately update such informations and make sure they're true, exact, current and complete. The user must inform their own e-mail address to be used as their identification on the website www.clubinhosalvavidas.com.br and to receive messages regarding their registration to the aforementioned website. The end user must also create a password, its confidentiality being solely of their reposibility, along with any activity that occurs during the registration.

The end user may alter their password at any moment. Both the registered e-mail address and current password will be used as identification in order to grant them access to this website. Users of age below 18 (eighteen) or juridically incapacitated need to be represented or assisted, according to their specific case, by their parents or legal guardians in order to register. In this scenario, should it be in the best interest of the end user, the name used for the registration may be that of the minor, with all legal responsibilities attached to the user's obligations befalling on their legal representative. The information contained in the end user's account are protected by a password for their privacy and safety. The password is encrypted and stored in our database. The end user agrees to notify the website immediately any instance of non-authorized access to their login (User identification for access to the website's contents through the input of their currently registered e-mail and password) or any other breach of security in their knowledge. The end user also agrees to sign out after using the website to avoid unauthorized access by third parties. It's part of our personal policy to respect the privacy of our users. As such, this website will not monitor, edit, access or divulge any private information regarding its users without their authorization, except in cases of previously authorized marketing actions, in which their registered information may be used to present the end user with special offers, products or brands. The end user also authorizes CSV Educação Digital Ltda – ME or its legal representatives to communicate with them through all communication channels available, including e-mail, cellphone, SMS, among others, the website being the primary venue to present information to the end user.

Utilization of the chat system

Registered users may use the in-game chat system to send each other messages picked up from a list of presets.

The end user agrees to receive messages from other uses, stating their awareness to the fact that they're able to communicate only through the use of preset messages determined exclusively by the website.

It is the user's full responsibility

The end user is responsible for acquiring the internet access required to access the game and paying all fees related to it imposed by third parties; acquiring an e-mail address and paying all fees related to said service imposed by third parties; Acquiring all the equipment required to connect to the internet and access the website including, but not limited to, a computer and a modem; Go through the registration process on the website, assuming full responsibility for the integrity and accuracy of the information provided during said process, and the confidentiality of their password; Keeping their computers protected and safe through the use of anti-virus and other security tools, in order to contribute to the prevention of risks on the user's end.

Exclusion of assurances and responsibilities

Due to operational matters and service outsourcing, the portal www.clubinhosalvavidas.com.br may be subject to interruption of service, technical issues or period of unavailability of the service.

Jurisdiction and Competences

Subjected to consumer rights requirements and other applicable laws, you agree that any legal action, or of any other nature, that might come up under any circumstance, including in cases of negligence, will not be of resposibility to CSV Educação Digital Ltda – ME or any of its legal representatives, nor will they be held responsible for offerring compensation for any losses or damage of any nature caused by the use, malpractice and/or inability to properly use this website, even if communicated.

General Provisions

By using this website, you agree that the district court of Teresópolis - RJ - Brazil will be responsible for handling and resolving any judicial matters that may arise from this service, expressly waiving any other, no matter how privileged. Should any provision of this current instrument be deemed illegal, void or, for any given reason, unenforceable, then said provision shall be had as dettached from this, not affecting the validity and enforceability of any other remaining provisions. The current instrument is composed of the integral agreement between both parties.


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