About Us

On May 11th 2011, the United Nations (UN) launched the International Decade Of Action for Road Safety. The initiative aimed to stimulate efforts to contain and revert the increasing number in deaths and grave wounds caused by traffic accidents around the globe.

Tired of seeing so many road accidents and worried about the safety of the population, a merchant from Teresópolis – RJ, on the same day, launched the Projeto Salva Vidas no Trânsito, a voluntary initiative with the goal of raising awareness to the issue through educative panels.

According to the World Health Organization, 1.3 millions of people die every year around the world. From those, 3500 men, women and children are victim of accidents on the streets and roads.

Our mission is to bring EDUCATION to all children in a unique, innovative and fun way, shaping them up into better citizens and generating social, economic and environmental value.

In 2012, the 7-year old son of the aforementioned merchant brought forth the idea of creating educative games with the goal of teaching other children through gamification. Then, in January 2014, the YOUNG PATROL, a free access portal with games and tips related to traffic behavior, citizenship, environment preservation, safety in urban environment, precautions in water environments, among others. All of this information can greatly aid to improve the quality of life and reduce the accident rates around the worlds, joining education and technology.

Small lessons like wearing seat belts, crossing the street only on the crossroads, not littering the streets and wearing life jackets when playing in or near water can help save millions of lives and turn our children into better, more responsible citizens.

If you worry about these issues and wish for a better future, acquire our products and help save lives by having fun.


In March 2014, the Young Patrol was entered in a contest at the RIOSOFT's head office, being one among the top 10 Most Innovative projects from the state of Rio de Janeiro and was invited by the Brittish consulate to a one week mission organized by UKTI on Tech Week, in the United Kingdom.

In September 2014, among 500 registered projects and 43 submitted to the biggest technology fair in Brazil, Rio Info 2014, the Young Patrol won first place on the Innovation Hall in the games category, and thus awarded the most innovative project in the country.

In November 2014, among 200 registered projects and 55 approved ones, we participated in the SEBRAE – RJ Social Business Marathon and once again we hit the spotlight by winning the marathon.

That said, the direct and indirect benefits from thiis project become evident:

  • Access to Information;
  • Formation of Better Individuals;
  • Transformation of children into conscious, safety-prone citizens;
  • Better protection for the environment;
  • Healthier Lifestyles;
  • Full socio-economic, environmental and sustainable development.

This project can also extrapolate many extracurricular disciplines and be used by teachers to instill a deeper discussion in a variety of knowledge fields.

We offer EDUCATION, DREAMS, VALUE and a unique experience where you save lives by having fun.