Information for Parents and Guardians

Esteemed parents and legal guardians, this project has been elaborated with the purpose of entertaining, educating and informing students and children all around the world, increasing their learning rate with concepts, content and additional abilities. A game focused on education can offer a student an environment that's simple to use and rich with information. These environments are called "microworlds" because they offer an imaginary world that can be explored, in which the children can learn while playing.

Teaching doesn't need to (and shouldn't) be a boring task. The best way to learn things is to do it while having fun..

These psychopedagogic educative games aim to stimulate children's imagination, aid in the process of group integration, express emotion, facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and development of self-esteem.

Teachers and researchers often observe that educative games help develop other abilities, such as: Problem solving, communication, colaboration, negotiation and motivation to learn a variety of different subjects while having fun (

Our proposal with Young Patrol is to increase the develpment of perception, critical thinking and proactiveness for children all over the globe, aiming to achieve the comprehension of their actions that will influence in their sociability, promoted and encouraged by its educative and entertaining nature.

We're bringing together technology, education and entertainment with the objective of transforming this portal in a huge classroom capable of changing attitudes and behaviors.


You may have already noticed that children love to remain in touch with their friends on the internet. Now, you have an entirely safe website for your child to interact with others in a fun and, more importantly, secure way.

On Young Patrol, your child will be able to meet new friends, send messages and chat with all of their new virtual buddies with safety. Our in-game chat allows children to communicate with each other through preset messages and fun emoticons.

The messages available to our AGENTS OF GOOD are unique and educative, using themes such as the Environment, Citizen Behavior, Education, Road Safety and many more. This way, there's absolutely no risk of your child receiving inappropriate messages or words.