Virtual City

In this virtual city, kids can make new friends and explore the universe of Young Patrol. As a pedestrian, they need to move about with safety through the city, always crossing the streets on the crosswalks or using the footbridges. Additionally, they must keep the city always clean by making the selective collection of trash. Teaches concepts of traffic education, selective collection and good citizenship. Click here to play!

Young Scout Minigame

A platforming game in which the child controls a young scout as they go through the forest dealing with many situations, such as: litter collection, rescuing trapped animals and capturing illegal tree-cutters. The game teaches concepts such as preservation and respect for nature. Click here to play!

Driver and Biker Minigame

In this game, the player must pass a series of exams on a driving school in order to earn their driving license. Once they've achieved an acceptable score, the player will be required to drive one of several types of vehicles through a small city, where they must drive safely. This game teaches concepts such as traffic education and road safety. Click here to play!

Traffic Challenge Minigame

In this point and click game, the child will be presented with several scenes in which they must identify the mistakes made by pedestrians and drivers in the city. This game teaches concepts of traffic education. Click here to play!

Firefighter Minigame

In this point and click game, the child must keep several sky lanterns from falling on the ground and causing fires. Should that happen, they must contain and put out the fires. This game teaches concepts such as nature preservation and fire prevention. Click here to play!

Lifesaver Minigame

In this time-management game, the player must supervise a summer day for a group of kids by executing actions such as: Distributing safety vests, keeping the children from swimming too far away from the adults and not allowing kids without vests into the water. This game teaches concepts like safety around risky areas such as pools, beaches and waterfalls. Click here to play!

Young Police Minigame

In this platforming game, the player must control a young policeman as they traverse the city performing various actions, such as: arresting criminals, scolding vandals and keeping the order in town. This game teaches basic concepts of good citizenship Click here to play!

Civil Defense Minigame

In this time management game, the child will be tasked with solving problems to prevent flooding such as collecting garbage from the river and fighting against deforestation. Every 3 successful actions rewards the player with a tree sprout that he must plant in order to earn coins. The game teaches concepts such as correct garbage disposal and deforestation control. Click here to play!

Household Minigame

This is a point and click game in which the child will be presented with various internal and exterior shots of several houses. In those scenes, they will be tasked with identifying all dangerous and incorrect actions performed by children. This game teaches concepts of household safety. Click here to play!

Minigame Water and Pollution

Point and click game where the player interacts with an urban environment where they need to deal with issues related to water waste and pollution. Faucets left open, cars with broken exhaust pipes and industrial pollution are a few of the situations the player will face. This game teaches how to avoid wasting water and keep pollution from spreading. Click here to play!

School Module

A space for drawing and painting. The child can choose between doodling freely or coloring a picture from the Young Patrol gallery. Once they're done, they can save their picture or even print it. This space stimulates the creativity of the child. Click here to play!

Perfect Pet Pen NGO

Here, children can adopt a pet of their own. Once adopted, it will follow the player character around town and the kid will be responsible for cleaning up after their pet. Teaches concepts of citizenship and the importance of adopting an animal. Click here to play!